08:30 Registration opens
Networking refreshments
10:00 UAE National Anthem
10:05 Opening Ceremony
10:10 Welcome remarks from Master of Ceremony
10:15 Opening Welcome Keynote from Chief Guest

Major General Eng. Kamel Butti Al Suwaidi, Director of the General Department of Operations, Dubai Police
UAV landscape evolution, regulation and safety
10:25 Global Keynote Speech: UAVs and global landscape in 2050: Drones as a service How will our world change with application of UAVs and AI in the next 30 years? A glimpse into the future

Invited global keynote: Chris Forste, Chief Operating Officer, Altitude Angel
10:50 Official inauguration of:

  • Exhibition floor
  • Video contest arena
  • University project pavilion
Networking and refreshments
11:35 Keynote: Dubai Police presentation on safety and security

  • Updates on Dubai’s public safety and critical infrastructure protection
  • Vision of Dubai Police’s UAS centre
  • Launch of the Dubai Police’s dronebot
1st Lt. Eng. Mohammed Omar AlMuhairi, Head of Unmanned Aerial Systems Centre, Dubai Police
12:00 DCAA’s journey on RPAS and UTM integration

  • Understanding the primary requirements for UAS adoption
  • Tracking, registering & monitoring of UAVs
  • Different categories of registrations
  • How DCAA is empowering the commercial operators?
  • Launch of hobbyist app
Bader Mohammad Belselah, Head of Airspace Safety Section, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority
13:25 Panel discussion: UAV and regulations: How can the regulatory bodies keep ahead of this fast-evolving industry?

  • To regulate or not to regulate: The pros and cons of too much or too little
  • A look at the first ISO regulations in relation to UAVs
  • How to balance safety and vast adaptation of UAV technology?
  • Role of education and awareness in safe application of UAVs
Moderator: Darshan Divakaran, Executive Aviation Consultant, Aerospace Arizona Association
Panellist 1: Johannes Willem Armand Loggenberg, Senior Air Traffic Management (ATM) Specialist, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority
Panellist 2: 1st Lt. Eng. Mohamed Mahmood Zainal, Engineer, Unmanned Aerial Systems Centre, Dubai Police
Panellist 3: Asam Khan, Founder and CIO, Exponent Technology Services
14:05 Industry insight group session 1: Anti-drone and counter-drone strategies, policies and technologies

  • Developing a wholistic national anti-drone policy
  • Drones and counter-drone technologies and tactics to ensure safety of critical infrastructure
  • Advanced radar technology and drone detection
  • Keeping no fly zones safe
  • Drones applications in defence and national security
Moderator: TBC
Industry insight 1: Damien Trower, Head of Airport Security, Gatwick Airport
Industry insight 2: Darshan Divakaran, Executive Aviation Consultant, Aerospace Arizona Association
Industry insight 3
Industry insight 4
14:45 Networking lunch break
15:45 Videography contest awards ceremony
16:00 End of conference day 1
08:30 Registration opens
Networking refreshments
Application of UAVs in different industries: Transferable applications from each sector’s experience
9:20 Chairman Welcome
9:30 Industry insight group session 2: Advancement of inspection and monitoring with UAV applications: How UAVs are changing the game

  • Application of UAVs in inspection and monitoring of oil and gas assets such as pipelines inspection, corrosion monitoring, erosion detection and much more
  • Optimizing operations across the power and utilities sector: The evolving role of UAVs in increasing efficiencies needed in meeting the growing populations’ energy and water demands
  • Reducing cost and time and human error: How UAVs are utilized in inspecting runways, bridges, highways or other critical infrastructure
  • Cargo and shipping inspection: The unparalleled capabilities of UAVs in the logistics and shipping industry
Moderator: TBC
Industry insight 1: Dr. Khaled Abusalem, Chairman UAV & Robotics Standards Committee, Saudi Aramco
Industry insight 2: Inspection of 70 storey ADNOC HQ tower and project take over post completion
Tarek Nizameddin, Senior Executive Director, Ejadah Asset Management Group Industry insight 3
Industry insight 4
10:10 Industry insight group session 3: UAVs and law enforcement: From traffic police to boarder and coastal protection: How UAVs are changing the law enforcement industry

  • Application of UAVs in boarder control: Reducing illegal mobility
  • Coastline and maritime security and application of UAVs in anti-piracy, illegal fishing and illegal transfer and transport
  • UAVs: Traffic Polices’ eye in the sky: Keeping an eye on violators
Moderator: TBC
Industry insight 1: Christopher Church, Senior Digital Forensic Specialist, Interpol
Industry insight 2: Senior Representative, H3 Dynamics
Industry insight 3: The Tactical Edge: The many roles of UAS in law enforcement tactical operations
Anthony DeMolina, Chief Executive Officer, Tactical Drone Concepts
Industry insight 4: Centralized Security using UAVs Nihar Vartak, Co-Founder, Asteria Aerospace
10:50 Industry insight group session 4: Unmanned Air Mobility (UAM): Case studies of the latest trails and applications unmanned air mobility and delivery

  • Use of UAVs in delivery systems of products and goods
  • Application of UAVs in delivery of life saving medicine and medical products
  • The latest updated on unmanned taxis and autonomous human flight
  • Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) evolution as a key critical component in UAM advancement and practical applications
  • Establishing the required communication infrastructure and bandwidth to cope of the UAV traffic management across urban landscapes
Moderator: TBC
Industry insight 1
Industry insight 2: Managing unmanned air traffic in cities with High-rise buildings
Dr Ali Cheaitou, Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering, Department Chairman, University of Sharjah
Dr Imad Alsyouf, Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering, Director of Sustainability Office, University of Sharjah
Industry insight 3
Industry insight 4
11:30 Industry insight group session 5: UAVS and emergency response: Autonomous aerial systems applications have become a lifesaving component in search and rescue and emergency response operations. This session will share latest case studies in:

  • Application of UAVs in combatting fires
  • Use of UAVs in search and rescue operations
  • Application of UAVs in operations in face of natural disasters
  • The latest in UAV applications in managing disease epidemics
Industry insight 1:
Industry insight 2: Richard Fields, UAS Program Coordinator & Administrative Section Chief, Los Angeles Fire Department
Industry insight 3
Industry insight 4
12:10 Networking break and refreshments
12:50 Industry insight group session 6: Surveying and Mapping: The latest discoveries using UAV assisted surveying and mapping

  • Ocean bed mapping and new discoveries using UAVs
  • First ever gas field discovery using UAV Semitic imaging
  • Improved construction and infrastructure planning using advanced UAV mapping technology
  • Natural resources discovery and mining applications of UAVs
Moderator: TBC
Industry insight 1: Hans Van Calster, CFO, Port of Duqm Company S.A.O.C
Industry insight 2: Use of drones in transport and other megaprojects supervision
Sasa Kocic, Senior Consultant, IRD Engineering
Industry insight 3: Mohammed Abusharkh, Head of Structural & Geomatics Engineering Department, Consolidated Contractors Company
Industry insight 4
13:30 Industry insight group session 7: UAVs in environment and agriculture industries: Environmental protection and conservation as well as agriculture and food security are increasingly reliant on UAVs. This session will share some of the latest applications of:

  • UAVs in anti-poaching activities
  • UAVs in environmental data collection and sampling
  • Advanced farming methods using UAVs
  • Natural disaster response enhancements using UAVs
Moderator: TBC
Industry insight 1
Industry insight 2: Dr. Ayad Aldaijy, Former CIO and Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture, KSA
Industry insight 3
Industry insight 4
14:10 Industry insight group session 8: UAVs in film and imaging: One of the most common applications of UAVs is in film, photography, marketing and advertisement industries. UAVs are used to capture breathtaking images like never before. This session will highlight:

  • The latest in UAV videography technology
  • The advancement of UAV photography capabilities
  • Arial imaging future potentials
Moderator: TBC
Industry insight 1: Skip Fredricks, Drone Pilot & Cinematographer, Hollywood Drones
Industry insight 2
Industry insight 3
Industry insight 4
14:40 Networking lunch break
15:50 End of conference